HSA and FSA Limits

2021 & 2022 HSA Contribution Limits

An important part of consumer directed healthcare (CDH), HSAs offer participants enrolled in a qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP) to save on taxes while setting aside money for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for themselves and their families. HSA owners can make tax-free contributions to their accounts. In 2022, the updated HSA contribution limits are:
  • $3,650 for individuals, a $50 increase from 2021
  • $7,300 for families, a $100 increase from 2021
2021 2022
Self-only Coverage HSA Contribution Limit $3,600 $3,650
Out-of-pocket expense limits $7,000 $7,050
Annual deductible (minimum) $1,400 $1,400 
Family Coverage HSA Contribution Limit $7,200 $7,300
Out-of-pocket expense limits $14,000 $14,100
Annual deductible (minimum) $2,800 $2,800
HSA Catch-Up Contributions (age 55+): $1,000

Health FSA

Health FSAs may be used for a wide range of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, including co-pays, deductibles, most dental and vision services, prescriptions, and more. Learn more about eligible FSA expenses. Limited Purpose FSAs are coupled with Health Savings Account and may be used for vision and dental expenses only.

The Health FSA and Dependent Care FSA, or Dependent Care Assistance Plans, contribution limits will remain the same for the 2021 calendar year. We will release 2022 contribution limits as they become available.

2021 Annual Limit 2022 Annual Limit
Health FSA $2,750 $2,850
Limited Purpose FSA $2,750 $2,850
Dependent Care FSA *$5,000 (no change) $5,000 (no change)
*The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 increased the dependent care FSA limit to $10,500. This will end with the 2021 calendar year.

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